Retiring to the beach, child on his way to college, or job changes- ALL ARE RELOCATION.  Lynda Houck and husband have moved eight times in their married life...renting, buying, and selling.  They have uprooted children, plants, and pets and Linda truly understands the implications of the word "RELOCATION".

Funny thing about Grey's Agents- they too understand packing boxes, and changing addresses.  Ten of them have lived in states other than Kentucky.   What does that mean to you?  They talk your language, know that different states have different customs, and most importantly have contacts (other good Realtors) in other states.  They can speak to an agent for you before you arrive at your destination and can explain what you are looking for a in a home or property.  The fact is this can SAVE YOU TIME. 

Grey's is a member of MOST REFERRED REALTORS.  This is an organization made up of just what the name implies...the most referred Realtors in the United States.  The Broker of Grey's,  Lynda Houck,  is a Most Referred Realtor.  With a phone call Grey's can have a seasoned Realtor from the area of interest call and advise you on properties.  They will be working for YOU.  AARP highly suggests working with a BUYER'S AGENT.  Negotiating in an unfamiliar city can be stressful, but not necessary.

For a check list (we call it a countdown) on moving, click here.