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Color by design
Posted on August 13, 2009 by Grey's Properties

Our family spent several days in Florida at the beach just before school started and when I took the time to “smell the roses” as we say I so enjoyed the peace that comes with nature. The colors of nature were stunning. The greens of the rubber trees, the shades of green/brown of the ripening coconuts, the corals and reds and pinks and oranges of the sunsets, the grays and blues of the sunrises and the wonderful white shades of the sand. Color is important in life and does affect real estate. The shades in a home can make a prospective Buyer stay longer or repel them out the door. Balance and a sense of order is possible with the proper choices.

Rather than paint every room a different and contrasting color try using a variation of the same color throughout the home that leads the eye easily from one room to another. It harmonizes, not distracts. Did you realize you can help to change how the temperature is perceived in a room by color? A room on the north side of the home may be darker and feel cooler as it does not get a large amount of sunlight. So paint a lighter, warmer color. Likewise, a southern exposure may explode with light and you can cool that area with a calmer shade of a blue or green.


The general consensus for colors are as follows:

Increases energy and heart rate, causes excitement (dining rooms)

Adds comfort, warmth and cheerfulness (living rooms/family rooms)

Promotes welcoming and feelings of joy (living rooms and darker areas of the home)

Translates into harmony and rest. It calms, relaxes and reminds us of nature (living room in light greens, accent in kitchen and dining rooms)

Encourages feelings of calm, security, tranquility and cleanliness. (Bedrooms or any room where you want to feel peaceful)

Boosts creativity, imagination and meditation (children’s bedrooms and play areas)


We all have color preferences and responses to different shades on the color wheel. Remember when selling a home neutral colors are your friend. For enjoying your home, go with your preferences. My bedroom walls are a light cool blue and the ceiling is a calming green. My grandchildren have said, “Grandma I love your bedroom, it feels good.” Next time you stop to “smell the roses” also notice their color!

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